April 4, 2013

What's on my mind right now

I appreciate the patience you've given me. Anyway... What's on my mind right now? I need to work on some house/yard work this weekend, so I don't think I'll have a second comic for you before next week. But there will be one for this coming Wednesday. :)

See ya then!

I'm waiting on a new shipment of comic pages from Blueline, and they should arrive tomorrow. So, I'd expect the comic to be up Wednesday night.

To be fair to you guys for the wait, I'll be producing two comics this week to make it up.

Oh yeah, and I wanted to bring something up that's been on my mind for the past couple of days. In light the upcoming war, a lot of people are voicing their opinions on both sides of the issue pretty much wherever you turn. As expected, I have my opinions as well, but I promise that you'll never hear them here. See, I'd like to think that the PNH comics can be seen as an escape for even just a little while, and I want it to stay that way...especially considering the hard times that will be coming up in the days, weeks, and months ahead. So, we'll be focusing only on comics here. :) Sorry for the delay, but recent events kinda took me out of the drawing mood. I'm still working on this weeks page, so it'll be up in the next day or so.

Ok, so the other week I had said that I wasn't going to stick with pencils only for them. Well, I lied..at least for the foreseeable future. Personally, I like how the pencils have been coming out the past few weeks, both here and at Writer's Block. They just have come out much more naturally, and they express better what I'm trying to produce than what I was doing with inks. What can I say...as much as I'd like to say I can do other things, I'm a penciller at heart. :)

The other reason is because this month I'm swamped with work...mostly web page design, and database/PHP coding, and that's going to soak up a lot of time. So I figured I'd cut some corners in some places, and the inks went.

So, that's what's going on for now with the change in art style. If I have time do devote to it, I'll ink and stuff, but no promises. Hope ya don't mind.