October 20, 2013

This is an exciting place to be

This is an exciting place to be. I wonder how far the writers will allow me to travel on his vector before he hits a wall. They let him fall all the way down in season two. I have confidence that they will let him crash in all his glory in season. Although I might be slightly biased by Into the Hell.

In the meantime, the evolution is being deftly handled, at the proper pace. He didn't pull back from Anna all at once. In JJ, he realizes that he is still in the game when Anna tells him exactly what he wants to hear. 'I came back for you. I just want to be with you.' John, however, no longer sees her as the Anna in the white dress. He sees her much as the audience does; he's clueless, but a lot closer to reality than he was in either DB or CK.

Concurrently, his affect has grown flatter and flatter until that one last scene in the hallway, where it's so flat one would think he took Anna's lakka extract. I don't believe he did, although I can envision a rationale either way -- if one doesn't see the lakka as the heroine an addict takes to forget, but more as the opium warriors took to foster fearlessness and strength before battle.

From a writer's point of view, it was amazingly structured, each reference was used to its fullest extent. John has a purpose. For real. Textually, the relationship between John and Anna needed to go in a new direction, and I believe this is it. Even if Aeryn still creeps me out mildly. And I wonder who was watching the game. Who was the third eye?

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