November 9, 2013

Have nothing to report

It's difficult to have nothing to report when you are one of the people others turn to for news. The fact is, there is no news. Still, pardon me the cliché, no news is good news, and ultimately, even if we got confirmation that she has not picked up the show, we would be no worse off than we were a week ago.

I understand restlessness, I understand attrition, and I understand anger. If we hear of a second 'cancellation', Mr JJ can look forward to a bad week. There will be calls of boycott. There will be a lot of rage, and some despair, and we might lose the fringes to hopelessness. If this happens, I am counting on some of you to be the voices of reason, the calming influence, on your respective boards. You know who you are, the DD regulars. You've got your head on your shoulders. Stand on a chair and whistle really loud, until you are heard.
That's for the worst case scenario. Truthfully, if negotiations there are, I don't expect to hear anything at all, maybe not for weeks. You don't go rattling out while there are still cards to play, and players to placate. Unless kicking up a fuss is one of those cards, as it was, I'd imagine, over a week ago.

In the meantime, I don't know how many people are taking part in the campaign. A very, very large number, I hope. We have worked out a Big Wednesday To-Do list for tomorrow, and there will be another Friday, and another Super Monday. These To-Do lists are designed to implement the tactics which support our overall strategy.

I am not a general. I don't give orders. I am one of many. I just hope that the message is getting through, because this is important, and no matter how long we spend in strategy meetings with this industry insiders to work out strategy and tactics, posters and statements, statistics and intel, none of this matters without your help. We are only as strong as the sum of the parts. We can't do anything on our own. We can only ask for help, and a little trust.

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