February 26, 2013

Anyone living in Australia

Okay, so I didn't win big on the Hottest 100 - and can I just say, fat load of good you were, flist! Jet didn't even make the top 20!

I got three out of the top 5 but I put Franz  at number 5. I didn't include the Killers or Eskimo in my top 5 and I thought Evermore would do a lot better than they did.

Oh well. Next year.

This is one of those quizzes all the cool kids are doing where you work out whether you know me - at all. I don't think it's very hard...
Interesting things:

* Three Perth bands in the top ten (Little Joe, Eskimo and the John Bieber Trio).

* Two Missy Higgins' songs in the top ten. I was kind of hoping she'd win. Not that I'm a fan but it would have been nice to see a chick win. In the history of the Hottest 100 I've not seen a chick win - unless you count the girl in Spiderbait which I kind of don't because Spiderbait is two guys and a girl and she plays base - why does the chick always play base?

* The real shock moment of the day: William Shatner came in at number 21 with "Common People." Totally a highlight for me - not to mention his fans across Australia.
I made hummous. It came out all right - possibly not dip-y enough if that makes any sense. It resembled cookie dough... but goddamn it tasted good.

* For anyone living in Australia: how do they get all those plane and helicopters circling during the fireworks to not crash?

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