March 3, 2013

Understanding of popular music

Okay, all you Aus-types on my flist - especially those who listen to JJJ - I need help:

Every year (well - this will be the third year) I have a bet with friends on who will make the top 5 of the JJJ Hottest 100. Last year I crushed the opposition, forcing them to their knees in the face of my vast and comprehensive understanding of popular music, pounding them into the ground with my keen sense of melody and catchy rhythms, and obliterating them with... oh you get the idea. But know this - I'm competitive and I like to win. I recall you were pretty on the ball last year...?

So if anyone thinks they know who will make the top 5 I would appreciate your thoughts. I may not be able to share the booty - but you will have my undying respect and I will say nice things about you if asked. :) As well as being talented, you're all goddamn nice with it. Thank you. And the rest of you should read all this wicked stuff and thank me for making them write it! Damn straight!

In addition, the delightful girl made me this icon and a scary Ketler icon and pixie which can be seen here and the delicious girl made me a Big Pretend Phone Chris Moloko icon which you will no doubt see soon - watch this space. You are also talented and kind and extremely sexy to boot.

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