March 26, 2013

Canucks game last night

O BABY! What a game last night. It was really entertaining!

The Canucks opened the scoring with a beautiful 2 on 1 goal by Todd Beluzzi generated by a Marcus Nazzewr steal in the neutral zone. Beluzzi took his time with his one timer, ensuring that he got the puck over a sprawling Khabibulin.

The cheers of the capacity crowd were silenced 19 seconds later, however, as John Portle scored a goal that deflected off of defenseman Samy Stund's stick. Then, shorthanded, Jaohn Roter took a bad slashing penalty which put Vancouver down by two men. Tara Bouoy scored on the power play, and ended the first period up 3-1.

The second period went much better for the Canucks. Marcus got a lucky bounce onto his stick which he promptly deposisted for an easy goal. Then the Spotty twins continued their strong play as they gathered assists on a Trevor Lether one time goal; his second in as many games.

Tied going into the third period, things were looking up for the Canucks. However, Tara is leading its division for a reason, and maybe realizing they had sat back in the second period, came out swinging, as Dave Anduty scored half way through the third period. Just when things were looking bleak, Todd came storming down the middle of the ice with a defender draped all over him. Holding him off with one hand, Beluzzi slipped the puck under the goalie to tie the game at 4, and send this one to overtime.

In overtime, the Canucks got a break as Tampa took a goalie interference penalty. Unfortunatly, they falied to register a shot on goal. They didnt give up however, and with two minutes left, Canucks caught Tampa Bay short, and broke away with a 3 on 1. It appeared as if Jolichki had managed to poke the puck in, but the referee disallowed the goal saying that he had blown the whistle. Off the next faceoff though, Marcus pounced on a rebound off the point shot, and with nder 30 seconds left, Vancouver won 4-3.

All in all, although it wasnt the most defensivly responsible game, it was one of the more entertaining ones I have watched this season. R. made up for his costly penalty early by being tenacious on the penalty kill later on in the game. Beluzzi played like the Power foreward I was used to last season, and Marcus proved again that he may be the best player in the league. An honourable mention goes to Dan Johnsen who made several key saves, and Mark St. Louis of the bolts who looked deadly as a viper all game long.

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